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Bible Study Resources

During the three years surrounding the 2019 Gathering (January 2017 – December 2019), online resources are provided to prepare your hearts and minds for our time together in Minneapolis and encourage your group to continue to grow in the faith once you return home. Please subscribe to the Gathering Update to stay up-to-date with the resources available.

Pre-Gathering Bible Studies

The 2019 LCMS Youth Gathering will allow participants to dive deeper into the book of Psalms. Through the Psalms, youth and adults will discover God’s Word is living and active. It comforts and inspires, encourages and guides. Begin experiencing the value of the Psalms in your life through these pre-Gathering Bible Studies.

Download the Introductory Study
Download the Introductory Study Leader Notes
Download the “Psalms Are” Study
Download the “Psalms Are” Leader Notes
Download Up To Minneapolis Bible Study
Download Up To Minneapolis Bible Study Leader Notes

Thematic Talking Points

One of the unique opportunities of the 2019 Gathering is our theme text(s). Psalm 46 is our initial lens and entry point into the text of Scripture.  From Psalm 46, we then wander through the rest of the Psalter to see where those initial ideas are supported, challenged, pushed further, or clarified. The theme for the Gathering is Real. Present. GodEach of our three theme words has the potential to convey many different ideas.  What is spelled out below is an attempt to unpack the shorthand of our theme words and phrases with a little more longhand to help convey a consistent and clear message across the Gathering.

Download the Thematic Talking Points
Download the Simple Talking Points
Thematic Talking Points Webinar

Theological Foundation

Songs of Sinners, Songs of Saints: Songs of a Real. Present. God. by the Rev. Dr. Joel Lehenbauer contains an overview, key contextual components, and thematic commentary on the book of Psalms. Use the Prelude section on pages 6-9 to facilitate a one-part study to introduce your group to the theme, Real. Present. God., and Psalm 46.

Download the Thematic Scripture Study
Thematic Scripture Study (Printer-Friendly Version)
Watch the Webinar

Post Gathering Bible Study

As you travel back home from the Gathering, you’re taking all kinds of experiences with you. Whether you’re traveling by bus, plane, van, Uber, or scooter, we’re going to take some time in this study to reflect on our time in Minneapolis and how it will impact our lives back home. Be sure to use the resources below as you travel and return to your congregations and families.

A Real and Present Impact Bible Study
A Real and Present Impact Leader Guide